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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Partnerships: MCN



Missions Connection Network


Alabama WMU is stepping out to partner with two missions connections working with South Asian peoples—one in North America and one in South Asia.


The International Mission Board has identified that “there are more unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPG) in South Asia than in all of the rest of the world combined.” 


Global Gates

Global Gates is our North American connection and is located in the Metro New York area.  While they advocate for work among all unreached peoples in Metro New York, they have been actively working with South Asian people since 2010.


Fast facts:

·     If the members of unreached people groups living in Metro New York were collectively counted as a city, they would form the second largest city in the United States.

·     There are more than 69 communities of Unreached/Least-Reached Peoples in Metro New York.


South Asia South Cluster

South Asia South Cluster personnel are located in the heart of South Asia, and their vision is for “a vast multitude from every South Cluster nation, tribe, people, and language knowing and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.” 


Fast facts:

·     South Cluster population: 275,600,000 people

·     Total UUPG’s: 76

·     Worldviews: Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Tribal, Buddhist, Catholic


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What you can do now:


Pray for…

·     personnel living in New York City and South Asia

·     opportunities for the Gospel to spread to all South Asian UUPGs

·     strong relationships to develop between believers and South Asian seekers

·     safety and health for personnel living in dangerous and difficult places

·     clear direction as these partnerships to continue to develop 


For more information, please call Cindy Wilson at 800.264.1225 ext. 225 or email