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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mission Friends

Preschoolers are active, curious and ready to learn. We have the opportunity to instill in them who God is and what He wants from each of us. Mission Friends is the perfect way to teach preschoolers about God’s love and how to share His love with other through hands-on activities that will place preschoolers on the road toward a life of missions.
 What it is:
  • Missions education for preschoolers, birth through pre-first grade
  • Preschoolers become engaged in learning, praying, giving and doing missions
  • Preschoolers learn of God's love 
  • Preschoolers learn monthly about missionaries and the world around them
  • Assist parents to involve preschoolers in knowing and sharing God's love
  • Mission Friends at Home, the take home resource for preschoolers, provides hands on activities to do at home
Mission Friends can participate in Project Help: Human Exploitation by using the downloadable resource, Kindness Counts! 
 Project Help
Be sure to recognize your Mission Friends with a downloadable (5.35 MB) Mission Friends Attendance Certificate
Additional Mission Friends Resources can be found at\preschool. 

For more information about Mission Friends, contact Kathryn Helms at 800-264-1225 ext. 325 or email