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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Annual Offerings


2018 Week of Prayer 
for State Missions and 

State Missions Offering


 State Goal: $1,000,000


2018 Suggested Dates: 
September 9-16 

and prayer guides.   


Lottie Moon 
Christmas Offering

Suggested dates: December 2-9, 2019
National Goal: $160 million


   Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and
Offering Goal: $70 Million
2019 Suggested Dates: March 3-10, 2019
and prayer guides.   


CP Logo "...when looking at a total of 40,056 congregations across the country, the average per capita giving to CP was $23.65 in churches without WMU- or NAMB-supported missions education programs as compared to $43.28 per capita giving in churches that have these programs." -Baptist Press 10/30/2008



For more information, please call Kathryn Helms at 800.264.1225 ext. 325.