Christmas Backpacks

2022 Collection Week: Oct 22 - Oct 28

Many thanks to Alabama Baptists and others who gave over 12,500 backpacks in 2021!

Help us reach our 2022 goal: 12,000 Christmas backpacks!

We will begin partnering in July! Contact Pat Ingram at or 334.613.2292 for partnership scheduling and assistance.

You and your church can make Christmas brighter for children living along the Mississippi River who are among some of the poorest in the U.S. Generation after generation in the region live without basic human necessities.

Alabama WMU and the Alabama State Board of Missions provide bands to identify age and gender for Christmas Backpacks. For instance, a green band signifies that the backpack is for a boy, age 2-3. These bands are easy to identify and will not tear. Each band is printed with the specific age/gender that it identifies. They are to be attached to the loop at the top of the backpack. Since you will need to know age/gender when you order, these are some ideas to help with ordering bands:

  • Provide a sign-up sheet and let church members sign up for the age/gender backpack they will fill. Order the bands once you have the information.

  • Ask church members to place a piece of tape or small piece of paper on the backpack with age/gender. After backpacks are turned in, compile the information and order bands.

  • Decide how many of each age/gender your church will provide. Let church members pick a band and fill that age/gender backpack.

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