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Preschoolers begin to develop a biblical world view as they move from a focus on self to a focus on others. Preschoolers begin to learn ways they can help others in need and share God’s love. Families who serve God together lead preschoolers to understand they can be a missionary by sharing God’s love and begin developing a missional lifestyle. Mission Friends consists of material which helps to provide the building blocks of faith and awareness of God’s love for all people.


Mission Friends curriculum: 

  • Provides age appropriate activities in an active and hands-on approach to learning. 

  • Preschoolers can learn about missionaries by tasting food, building with blocks, working a puzzle, or pretending they are a doctor helping people.


Mission education is valuable in the preschool years as they develop an awareness of the needs of others and learn the practical expressions of being involved in the mission of God.

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If you have any questions or concerns in this age level regarding programs, materials, or events please contact Trish Jackson.

Trish Jackson

Programs and Curriculum

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