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Rural Women's Hospital

A health project that provides hope and healing for women and children.

Women and children in Pakistan have limited access to affordable, quality medical care. Pakistan is ranked 149th out of 179 countries on the Maternal Mortality Ratio Index, and the infant mortality rate is also relatively high. But, many have taken the initiative to provide medical care to thousands of women and children from both rural and urban areas through a small rural women's hospital. Each year, this hospital serves nearly 14,000 patients, with approximately 500 of these being newborns. Conditions within the hospital are often challenging, but the staff strives to offer quality care, even though they often are without power for up to 14 hours a day.

Alabama WMU has adopted this IMB health project that provides hope and healing for women and children. The gifts you give will help offset the basic costs of health care for these who cannot afford the medical care they need. We encourage above-and-beyond giving by missions groups (that is in addition to giving to your church, Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering).


Minimum wage in Pakistan, which is approximately $4 per day, is less than $100 per month. Even a completely uneventful birth can cost a family well more than a month's income.

Approximate Cost for Care

  • Normal Delivery - $150

  • C-Section - $600

  • Prenatal Care - $50

  • Sick Baby Care - as much as $12 per day

  • Premature Baby - $252

  • Other Sick Baby - $60

To join in this effort, use the form below or send a check made payable to Alabama WMU to P.O. Box 681970, Prattville, AL 36068 with "Hospital" in the memo line. Funds will be collected through April 2020.

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