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Connecting Afar Through Missions Discipleship

As we have discovered, there is more than one way to do many things, including missions discipleship! Here are some ideas to help as you use Zoom or another online pIatform to have a Women on Mission or Adults on Mission meeting:

  • If you haven’t seen your group in person for a while, take a few minutes to catch up and see how everyone is doing. Pray for each other.

  • Enlist a few people ahead of time to participate in specific ways. For instance, ask someone to lead in praying for missionaries. Participation will increase as you ask for help in advance.

  • In Missions Mosaic, there are different articles and options for meetings. This may be a good time to focus on the missionary article and learn about and pray for our missionaries. Talk about how their lives may be like ours and ways that their experiences may be different.

  • Go to or and download a missionary video to enhance your study. Look for one in the same area of the world or country. Then, at an appropriate time during the study, share your screen so that everyone can view it.

  • If your church subscribes to Missions Journey: Students, the video for the current month may be from the same missionary in Missions Mosaic. It will be a great resource for you to use during an online meeting.

  • Think of something that everyone would have in their home to use while praying for missionaries on their birthday. For instance, holding a bottle or cup of water can remind everyone that some missionaries live where water is not clean and need filters (which are supplied by National WMU). Pray also for those with whom our missionaries work.

  • Plan a way that participants can offer hope and encouragement to others. You may be interested in Honor 6:2, based on Ephesians 6:2. Iron Stream Media and National WMU, in a compassion-filled partnership, are creating curated boxes filled with books. You or your group can purchase a box which will be delivered to senior care facilities, hospice centers, hospitals and to individuals sheltering in place. These boxes start at $15. You will find information at

  • Making cards or notes for medical personnel or anyone else is a good way to help. Encouraging others is a way to show God’s love.

  • Work together to plan ways that your group can stay in contact with each other and with others who may be homebound or unable to meet in person. A phone call, a note or an offer to help go a long way to helping everyone stay connected.

This is a good opportunity to be creative and do things a little differently! Use your creativity and have fun!

Pat Ingram, Missions & Ministry Consultant


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