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Praying for Our Missionaries: COVID-19

Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus, some more than others. It seems that things change every day, sometimes every hour. Our international and North American missionaries are living and working in a different world these days, too. How can we pray for them?

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as they keep in contact with those with whom they work. In some areas of our world, internet and cell phones are not easily available.

  • Pray for families, especially extended families. In some cases, children who are away at college or university can’t come home, even when their college or university shuts down. Many of our missionary’s kids live hours or even days away from their parents and must depend on others to assist in times of need.

  • Pray for peace as it is hard to be so far away from your aging parents and your family and not be able to help when assistance is needed.

  • Pray for those who are now ‘sheltering in place.’ This may mean that they are in an apartment with one window and no place to spend time outside. It may mean that food and other supplies are not as readily available.

  • Pray for encouragement. It’s easy to get discouraged and even fearful while we struggle to do what God has called us to do in a new and different environment. Missionaries need encouragement, too!

  • Pray for those who have not been able to return to their field of service. It’s hard not to be ‘home’ in a crisis.

  • Pray for the leaders of the North American and International Mission Boards. Decisions are being made to help keep our missionaries on the field and able to minister and witness.

What else can we do? After and while you pray, contact any missionaries that you know. Tell them that you are praying for them. Ask how you can help. Remind them that you aren’t the only one praying for them – there are many others (including WMU leaders and members) who love them and keep them before our Father. We can do this!

Pat Ingram, Missions & Ministry Consultant


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