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Girls Ministry

Five tips for starting a girls' ministry in your church:

  1. Pray and share your ideas for a Girls Ministry with your pastor and/or student pastor. Work with the student pastor to determine how a Girls' Ministry can help meet the specific needs of the girls. Remember, a Girls Ministry should never replace the Youth Ministry but, instead, supplement it. 

  2. Choose a coordinator who has a heart for pre-teen and teenage girls.

  3. Develop a team of godly women and girls of various ages and backgrounds to explore the needs of the girls in your church and community

  4. Create a vision statement for the Girls Ministry that reflects the mission of the church while focusing on the girls' specific needs.

  5. Recruit and train leaders to serve in the Girls Ministry. Be sure you cast the vision along the way and share resources you have gathered.

Girls Ministry: What is it all about?


  • Who? A group of teenage girls seeking to know God more and live in His ways, who are led by godly women who care and want to see them flourish

  • WhatSharing, praying, caring, studying, serving, growing, becoming!

  • Why? God deires for us to know Him and become more like Him 

  • When? Anytime 

  • WhereAny place 


Girls are invited to attend COMPLETE...a gathering for girls in grades 7 through 12, to be held in March every year. They are also encouraged to attend Missions Camp for Teen Girls at WorldSong for a unique camping experience designed just for student girls!

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