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Do you long to be part of something bigger than yourself? You can through Acteens® in your local church! 


Acteens: What is it all about?


  • Who? Girls in grades 7-12

  • What? A missions group that expands a girl's worldview and creates a missional awareness within her

  • Why? Girls in an Acteens® group develop leadership skills and character. They deepen their relationship with God and with their peers.

  • When? Typically meet once a week but a group can meet anytime      

  • Where? Any Place

Acteens® are invited to attend COMPLETE...a gathering for girls in grades 7 through 12, held each March.  They are also encouraged to join us for Student Missions Weekend in early January at WorldSong Missions Place in Cook Springs, Alabama. Another fun activity is Missions Camp for Teen Girls at WorldSong. It is a unique camping experience designed just for student girls!

5 Tips for Starting an Acteens Group in Your Church:


  1. Share your idea with the youth minister. Allow him to help you set a time to meet that is compatible with the youth ministry weekly events. Find a time that works for everyone.

  2. Recruit a leader and a co-leader to plan and lead Acteens. 

  3. Pick a kick-off date and advertise it several weeks in advance. This could include making announcements, sending facebook invites, and placing posters in Bible Study rooms.

  4. Order The Mag leader guide as well as several copies of the student edition.

  5. Meet with the leaders and/or adults that want to help. Get to know the curriculum and be sure to thoughtfully plan out at least the first month. First impressions are important and can make or break anything new, so be sure to give it your best!    


Acteens® resources are available for both leaders and students through National WMU. These books and magazines are filled with hands-on mission activities, Bible studies, missionary stories and much more! 

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